Precision Machining

Our machinists have over 100 years of combined experience in machining precision parts. The least experienced machinist has 15 years experience.  UDT is accustomed to machining parts with the tightest tolerances in the business.

CNC Mills & CNC Lathes

Our precision machining is supported by  CNC Mills & Lathes with CAM/CAD systems.  This enables UDT to support complicated prototype requirements and other special needs.  Additionally, manual mills & lathes are available to meet unique requirements.

Water Jetting

Our extra large water jet (10' x 20') is used every day at our facility.  This machine cuts various types of material up to 12" thick with just a stream of water and garnet.  Its accuracy is +/- 0.001"!

EDM Wire Machining

Our EDM Wire Machine is a unique machine that can cut thru shapes in materials with just a spool of extremely thin wire.  It is perfect for cutting gears or squares in material.  It has an accuracy of +/- 0.000002" over the entire travel on the X & Y axis.


Our welder is certified in all aluminum alloys, stainless steal, titanium, and carbon steel.  Welding, brazing, & soldering activities utilize gas tungsten, gas metal, and shielded metal are welding, resistance spot welding, manual torch brazing, oxygen and plasma arc cutting and soldering.


Our paint booth is 14 feet wide and 40 feet long, which allows us to accommodate shipping containers, several large parts at a time, or even the smallest of parts.  Our painter has over 20 years experience in painting CARC, other Mil-Spec paints, and automotive finishing.